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The town that’s not on the map

Posted by on 03/04/2014

I wonder if I’ll ever wild camp during this trip? And if not then why am I carrying camping equipment?! Well it’s nice to have as a back-up in case I can’t find a cheap pousada/hotel to stay in, and I thought that would happen last night.

According to Google Maps there are no towns between Cristopolis (where I stopped on Tues night) and Ibotirama (where I’m going today), and so I was expecting to have to camp somewhere out of sight from the highway.

But, after 80km of cycling, as I reached the basic posto (service station) that I needed to stock up on food and drink for overnight, I saw more buildings a few hundred metres further along the road. Might as well check it out, I thought.

And there was Limoeiro (can’t find it on Wikipedia either) with the first building I reached being Pousada Portal, and call me a crap adventurer but I’m happy to pay £10 for a comfortable bed, air con, shower, WiFi and breakfast rather than go wild camping near a highway!

Sunset back along the road where I came from

Sunset back along the road where I came from

This place is quite fascinating – I assume it began as a simple truck stop along the BR-242, but has mushroomed into a little town that was buzzing last night with loads of drivers making use of the many mechanics and restaurants.

Here’s some photos I took early this morning:



Anyone need an exhaust pipe?

Anyone need an exhaust pipe?



Gym session

Ladies gym session, rural Brazil style

Evidence of bad driving!

Evidence of bad driving!

Highway at dawn

Highway at dawn

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