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Please help – press blitz

Posted by on 28/01/2014

Please help me to get the English press covering my #Samba Cycle!

So far I’ve had great coverage in Watford and Porto Alegre and the Brazilian media are really interested, but apart from Colin Murray on TalkSport I’ve had almost no coverage from national press back home – but now is the time to get their attention and here’s why…

  • First of all I’m raising money (and awareness) for two excellent charities:¬†
  • Tomorrow I’ll complete the first 900km ‘stage’ of my cycle tour and reach Curitiba, which is the second World Cup host city on my route, and will visit the stadium on Thur or Fri. This stadium is of particular interest because it’s been in the news this week with FIFA setting a deadline of next month for the delayed construction to be completed, otherwise they’ll have to move the WC games elsewhere! I can give a first hand report of progress.
  • I also hope to meet up with the Lionsraw guys while I’m in town.
  • Then my next three WC cities/stadiums should be really interesting to footy fans back home since Sao Paulo is where Brazil kick off the tournament on 12th June and also where England play Uruguay, then Rio is of course home to the legendary Maracana stadium which will host the WC final, and next Belo Horizonte is another where England will play, this time versus Costa Rica. More route info:¬†
  • In Rio I’ll be visiting the Laureus project Luta Pela Paz, which is also operating successfully in London and I visited back in November.

So please contact all UK newspapers/TV/radio/internet¬†companies that you think might be interested in reporting about my journey, or better still if you know anyone connected with the media or sport then please send them the info above and ask if they can help – THANKS! The more people who know and become engaged with my #SambaCycle, the more awareness and hopefully money we’ll raise for the charities.

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