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Most northerly point

Posted by on 03/06/2014

Thanks to Yvonne & Graham, the Skinners, Tamzin, and Pip for their charity donations since my last update!

Please donate now – there’s only 2 cycling days left and then I’ve almost completed my epic journey!!!

Currently me, Wedgie, Martin and his bike (boring – has no name!) are in Capanema which is the most northerly point of the #SambaCycle – located here – and which at latitude 01°19’295 South is not too far from the Equator (the closest I’ve ever been on land – have crossed it several times by air) and for some context is similar latitude to Padang, Indonesia and Nairobi, Kenya (see list).

We’re also in Parà – my 20th state of the journey across Brazil – which is an extension of the Amazon and hence has a tropical rainforest climate with no dry season.

As a reminder, this has been my route over the last 19 weeks:

Thanks again to my sister Emily for designing this and the SSC logo

Thanks again to my sister Emily for designing this and the SSC logo – I’ve shown this route map to loads of locals to explain my trip despite the language barrier!

So as you can see, when we reach Belem tomorrow the cycling part of the trip is basically done (apart from getting to the hostel and stadium in Manaus) and as long as the ferry boat along the Amazon River doesn’t sink (?!) then I’ll reach my final stadium city on schedule and in time for the start of the World Cup followed by England v Italy two days later!


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