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Language school Q&A

Posted by on 13/01/2014

On Friday 10th Jan I was invited to visit St Giles College in Highgate by my friend Vicky who teaches language students there.  They were spending some time covering the topic of ‘adventurers’ and so I’m the closest thing to that who was available at short notice and I was delighted to go along for a Q&A.  The class was split into two groups and they’d each prepared questions to ask me – I was impressed with their level of English for an intermediate class.  However, somewhat ironically, for the ‘Have you learnt Portuguese?’ question I was slightly embarrassed to have to answer ‘No, not yet’!  It was fun and they even wrote good luck messages which were presented at the end before we took some group photos.

20140110_170007 20140110_165554 20140110_164652 20140110_163229 20140110_162647 20140110_162335 St Giles

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