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I’m being followed

Posted by on 17/05/2014

This is weird, there’s another cyclist following me! Throughout yesterday he was there, trailing along not far behind, and he even stopped at the same restaurant as me for lunch. Stalker!

My shadow and my shadow

My shadow and my shadow

Hehe obviously I’m joking cos it’s my brother Martin, we set off yesterday for the 1,000 mile cycle from Fortaleza to Belem. The 95km ride went smoothly, apart from two flat tyres and a dead donkey!

My fourth puncture of the trip was courtesy of a splinter of bone that pierced my tyre, so we stopped to change the inner tube, then crossed the road to set off again, and realised the tyre was already going down again – noooo! Pumped it up and tried cycling but only got about 200m before we had to stop and change it again. An hour wasted.

Martin’s first roadkill experience was a shocker (and the nastiest I’ve seen all #SambaCycle) as a huge corpse was blocking the hard shoulder with three vultures pecking away at it – was it a horse or a cow – no as we got closer we saw it was a bloated dead donkey, cruel irony after our funny meeting with a live one outside the footy stadium the previous day.

The roads were generally good and we mostly sped along in the bright, hot sunshine, reaching Paraipaba at 5pm. A decent first day for the Smudger brothers cycling team, but we’ve got 125km to cover today so fingers crossed for no punctures and more smooth roads.

Ready to hit the road

Ready to go

Martin in the middle

Martin in the middle

Dawn this morning

Dawn this morning

PS. Remember this is for charity, please donate now, ta!

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