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Coasting along, until the road of sand

Posted by on 24/01/2014

#SambaCycle days 2&3… pretty visual update this, so I’ll start with a video:

I can see the sea from Andy Smith on Vimeo.

Of course I stopped for a drinks & ice cream break at the beach!

2014-01-22 12.09.50

Later I stopped again for lunch, and discovered ‘lanches’ which seem to be a cross between a toasted sandwich, pizza and burger – awesome!

2014-01-22 13.54.01

A pleasant day of cycling along wide, smooth, straight roads:

2014-01-22 14.35.41

Reached my destination of beach resort Torres and set up camp:

2014-01-22 18.22.30

Went for a stroll to check out the coastline:

2014-01-22 18.30.25

2014-01-22 19.18.11

Then enjoyed the sunset over Torres-molinos:

2014-01-22 20.22.38

And decided to get up early the next day for sunrise:

2014-01-23 06.48.26

All good so far, but then after leaving Torres the Garmin directed me onto an unpaved road of sandy/rocky/gravelly averageness, which my tyres are not designed for so it was bumpy/wobbly/slow going. After a few km we reached a crossroads, the satnav said straight on, so I tried but gave up within 10m because it was just soft sand and Luis was sliding about from side to side. So we went left instead down a road that was just rocky and bumpy! And this led to…

BR-101 from Andy Smith on Vimeo.

And from the next junction onwards I followed that Via Lateral (road next to the motorway) for most of the rest of the day.

2014-01-23 13.43.47

One for Stu – hi mate, remember on our mini Oz road trip to the Hunter Valley where we kept passing signs for that mystical place U-Turn Bay? Well the Brazilian equivalent is RETORNO which was signposted at every junction and must be important since it’s always shown in capital letters!

I also saw the Disney castle (or maybe it’s just a church):

2014-01-23 13.02.10

PS. As you may have realised, I now have a Smudger Samba Cycle channel on Vimeo so will embed videos on here which you can also see on there.

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