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#BikeSocial: Le Tour des Stades

Just in case you didn’t know… I’m doing another football tournament themed cycle tour, this time visiting each Euro2016 host city across France! Please ‘like’ to follow the adventure here:

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Official SmudgerSambaCycle video

Oi!  Just one more post, because I’ve got an awesome video to share with you all -> this was the #WorldCup2014 #SambaCycle You want more?  Yes, of course you do!  Get your adventure fix by following these incredible people on their epic journeys in 2015: Anna McNuff’s 2,000 mile run across New Zealand Super Cycling … Continue reading »

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Was I in Brazil?

Andy “The Spitfire” Smith – if I was a professional darts player that’d be my nickname and walk on music. So I’ve been back in London for a whole week already.  Love this city, best in the world. But I’ll always remember Rio as one of the most beautiful, fun, exciting cities I’ve visited, especially … Continue reading »

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World Cup 2014 – done

Congratulations to Germany for winning their 4th World Cup – worthy champions and sealed with a superb goal! So that’s that, crikey, it’s over. What a month of footy and good times. I knew Brazil would put on a great tournament, and the UK press scare stories in the build-up now look as ludicrous as … Continue reading »

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7 (seven) – 1

Shocking! What a nightmare defeat for the hosts, the Brazilian over-emotion was taken apart by the German precision. I think if anyone here had been truly honest before the match then they expected to lose, but not like that! I watched the game at a bar in the legendary Rio party area of Lapa (after … Continue reading »

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No cycling, all footy

So whilst England’s been going Tour De France crazy, with a bit of Wimbledon and Silverstone thrown in too, Brazil remains utterly focussed on football and particuarly today’s massive Neymar-less semi final versus ze Germans! I’m about to head to Copacabana and attempt to get into the FanFest, which will be carnage, but it’s gotta … Continue reading »

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I met Prince Harry

Thanks once again to the British Embassy and Consulate staff in Brazil for all their help during my time here, and for inviting me along to their events in each of England’s host cities. The third of these do’s in Belo Horizonte was a big deal, as this Telegraph article explains, with several VIP guests … Continue reading »

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This stupid annoying broken tablet just deleted the first chunk of this post and so I’m posting it like this – maybe will spend another hour or two re-doing it later… Sampa Belo Horizonte Martin flew home from Sampa – cheers for a crazy six weeks – and I flew to Beaga a day before … Continue reading »

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Beardwatch: the finale

Today I went to a hairdressers… So it’s finally gone, over 5 months with only one trim, the thickest & longest beard I’ve ever had, it took the barber a good hour to hack/cut/shave it back to normality! My adventure is truly over. Just a 3 week holiday in Rio left to go – can’t … Continue reading »

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Manaus media coverage

Thanks to Geri, Carol & Bob, James Peddle Ltd, Les & Gill, Fran, Rahul, Rob, Martin, Jo & Wilf, the Beast family, Fake Pecker, Henry, Gareth, David, Andrew, Simon, Dirk and last but not least Naomi who’s donation took the Running Total to £5,000 – woohoo the target has been achieved, and now beaten! But … Continue reading »

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