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Catch up & Wedgie

Posted by on 26/05/2014

Thanks to Sarah, Carla, Caroline & Jake, James, and Sue & David for their charity donations since the last update – have you read Martin’s guest blog??

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So after several days of sketchy WiFi availability there’s a lot to catch up on, not least that I forgot to tell you before that my bike’s changed name again, from Legover to Wedgie! So yes, after getting my Legover in a love motel last month, I’ll now have a Wedgie to sit on every day for the last few weeks of the #SambaCycle.

Looking back again, some of the places we’ve passed through in the last week were…

Itarema - typical motorbike filled main street

Itarema – typical motorbike filled main street

Camocim - ready for the World Cup

Camocim – ready for the World Cup

Barroquinha - even more ready!

Barroquinha – even more ready!

Chaval - amazing rocky landscape

Chaval – amazing rocky landscape

Chava - shrine atop the town's biggest rock

Chaval – shrine atop the town’s biggest rock

Next we took the scenic route as we passed into Piaui state for the day:

We headed to Parnaiba where Civil Police officer Wilson had invited us to Couchsurf at his home, where we also met his wife, two young daughters and pet dog:



Plus we hand washed some of our filthy cycling kit:


After going into town for a couple of beers, back at the house we watched Argo on DVD before getting a good night’s sleep:

From here the route west became more challenging due to a huge river estuary followed by giant sand dunes, so we decided to embrace the opportunity for some different modes of transport, combined with cycling whenever there was actually a road:

Speedboat (with bikes on board)

Speedboat (with bikes on board)

Cheerio Ronaldo

Cheerio Ronaldo

This brought us to the river and sea-side town of Tutoia where we took some awesome footy action photos which I’ll share when Martin can download them off his camera.

Tutoia - beach & sea

Tutoia – beach & sea

The following morning we quickly cycled 35km to Paulino Neves in order to catch the midday Toyota 4×4! Yes, despite Google Maps claiming there’s a road across the next 40km to Barreirinhas, in fact the terrain is so difficult that it can only be crossed in a big off-road vehicle, and thankfully we found one that could fit us and two bikes:


But after massive rainstorms here in recent days, the grassland nearby was flooded and our 4×4 got stuck:



Not the worst place to waste an hour

Not the worst place to waste an hour

After much wheel spinning to no avail, we waited for another 4×4 to drive out from town to give a tow, but that didn’t even budge our now totally wedged vehicle. So onto plan B and the driver called for a tractor!



Remember I mentioned that Google Maps thinks that this is a road! And as if more evidence is needed of how ludicrous that is… the video below was shot at this location a bit further along the ‘road’:

It was great to stop at the top of the huge dune:

Changeable weather again

Changeable weather again

Another hour of slow, bumpy off-roading later and we finally reached Barreirinhas, found a pousada and had a chance to relax, despite the heavy rain:



See my next post for the stunning place we visited on Saturday…

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