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Posted by on 17/01/2014

It’s time, finally it’s actually time to go.

I’m packed and will be heading to the airport in a few hours time.  After all the planning it’s pretty weird and not a little scary to now be on the verge of doing this trip.  But I can’t wait to arrive in Brazil and get on with the adventure!

Packed pannier bags

Packed pannier bags

BTW I've shaved so you can follow the progress of my journey by the length of my beard!

BTW I’ve shaved so you can follow the progress of my journey by the length of my beard!

THANKYOU so much to everyone who’s supported me so far, but please keep the encouragement coming cos I’ll probably need it often, and in return I’ll do my best to share the unique stories and photos of my #SambaCycle (please use that hashtag on Twitter and FB, let’s see if we can get it trending), so please subscribe to this blog for email updates.  And if you know anyone in Brazil please tell them about my trip because I’d love to meet up with friendly locals along the route.

One more plug for the charities before I go, they’re both very worthy causes as you’ll see by watching the videos below:

WFC CSE Trust – Miles of Smiles

Laureus – London Active Communites project visit with Michael Vaughan

PS. (cos there’s usually a PS) I’ve just been chatting via Twitter with Hugh Thompson who’s already on an epic cycle journey to the World Cup, check out his amazing efforts:

Cheerio, see you all in 6 months…

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