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Beardwatch and Brenda the bike

Posted by on 23/03/2014

BEARDWATCH: an early Mothers Day gift to my Mum… with my beard getting out of control after more than two months growth and so making me look like a hobo, yesterday I cracked and bought this:


Before (where’s my mouth?!):


After (need a haircut now too!):


Reckon I’ll grow the beard again over the next few months but with some minimal grooming to keep it vaguely presentable, ie. trim the tache so I can drink without half the liquid getting stuck in my lip hair!

BIKE NAME: After leaving my bike in Brasilia while I went to Cuiaba/Pantanal for a week, we were reunited yesterday and following a full service from the local cycle shop it’s looking lovely; all clean and in perfect working order. And as a result Dinly has had a sex change and become Brenda!

If you’re now thinking I’ve gone mad, let me explain… before leaving London I held a raffle for bike name suggestions and drew one for each month of my cycle tour. So when you see me mention Brenda during the next month’s blog updates, it’s my bike, who after all is my trusty travelling companion so deserves the recognition!

Often Luis/Dinly/Brenda gets more attention than me anyway and usually when I stop at highway service stations people are so shocked to see someone cycling in the middle of nowhere that a small crowd of staff and customers forms to look at the bike. The same even happened when I visited the Maracana stadium, in the visitor canteen lots of people who’d just been on guided tours stopped to examine my Thorn Raven as it was propped against the wall while I scoffed hotdogs nearby!

Team #SambaCycle at the Maracana

Team #SambaCycle at the Maracana

Back on the road: today Brenda and I will begin the longest stage of our journey, from Brasilia to Salvador, which by the scenic route I’m taking is 1,650km and will last 3 weeks! Wish us luck…

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