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A few quick updates

Posted by on 27/01/2014

Hi all, apologies but I’m gonna have to reduce the depth of info posted on here from now on cos it’s just too time consuming to upload/type/edit pics/videos/news about everything, I’ve mostly been doing it during the night when I should be asleep! So a slight change of approach, but hopefully still interesting and also I enjoy doing it.

Small hitch today is that my phone seems to have died, it’s never fully recovered from the rain storm! So I’ve lost the pics/video from the last day and a bit, not the end of the world but a bit annoying since the phone was also my camera and using the tablet won’t be easy. I’ll work something out.

Here for your visual delight are some tablet shots that I’d forgotten to upload…

Torres at sunrise (looking east)

Torres at sunrise (looking east)

Torres at sunrise (looking west)

Torres at sunrise (looking west)

Disco church, Balneario Rincao

Disco church, Balneario Rincao

Rodrigo's balcony, Floripa

Rodrigo’s balcony, Floripa

I’ve added a link to my Consul and Ketley post which is a pretty thorough news report that was on Brazilian TV a couple of days ago! I’m getting recognised a lot after all this media coverage, it’s really raised the profile of my trip with the people over here!

So latest news… yesterday I cycled 120km from Floripa to Guabiruba (where I’m couchsurfing at Ederson’s house, see pic below) – a real day of two halves, the first 60km continuing along the flat, coastal BR-101, and then I turned inland and headed uphill and over into the Vale Europeu (European Valley) which is so called due to the large number of immigrants, particularly from Germany and also Italy.

I’ve uploaded my Garmin info to Strava so you should be able to see all the detailed routes and stats (although day 1 failed to record unfortunately). I pedalled Luis and the pannier bags (total weight over 40kg) up 700m of climbing yesterday!

Ederson's back 'garden' - a pool and a mini footy pitch, how cool is that?!

Ederson’s back ‘garden’ – a pool and a mini footy pitch, how cool is that?!

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