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7 (seven) – 1

Posted by on 11/07/2014

Shocking! What a nightmare defeat for the hosts, the Brazilian over-emotion was taken apart by the German precision. I think if anyone here had been truly honest before the match then they expected to lose, but not like that!

I watched the game at a bar in the legendary Rio party area of Lapa (after rain had put me off going to the beach) and the buzz pre-match was great as every venue filled with yellow-clad locals. But 29 minutes into the match there was a bizarre silence, other than the sound of the ongoing tv commentary and a few wails of disbelief. Every time Germany attacked during those crazy 6 minutes of 4 goals I found myself shouting “No, no, noooo!” as they strolled through the Brazilian defence (minus Luiz who seemed inexplicably to be in the centre circle most of the time!) and what we’d hoped would be a memorable game became just that, but in an entirely different way to most people’s expectations – that is apart from the nutters/geniuses who actually bet on the correct scoreline!

So what do you think happened at full time? A mass exodus home? Riots? Well no, the tv’s were switched off, the dance music turned on and the party began! I guess everyone thought the best way to get over it was to make themselves happy by dancing and snogging – I’ve never seen so many couples all over each other in one bar!

My World Cup began with England fans partying after our defeat to Italy in Manaus, and now it’s ending with Brazilians doing the same – well maybe there’s one more victory celebration to come for them on Saturday night?

And speaking of celebrating wins, in my experience, the undoubted number one party starters of this World Cup are the Argentina fans! They’re having the time of their lives, owning Copacabana beach – inside and out of the FanFest – every time their team plays, and wins, each match. And now they’re truly living their dream; through to the World Cup final with rivals Brazil out and humiliated, I expect Rio will become blue and white throughout as the invasion reaches its peak on Sunday! And good luck to them, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through their awesome support, and so I hope they win the final – sorry Brazilian and German friends!

Check this out, the moment Argentina beat Holland on penalties (I was in the FanFest, and btw this video doesn’t do justice to the atmosphere):

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