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Monthly Archives: April 2014

World Cup predictions

Germany, Holland and Italy out in the group stage! Spain to retain their title by beating Brazil in the final! England knocked in the quarters (as always)! You heard it here first! I’ve just done my World Cup predictions, which you can see on the Telegraph’s website HERE (seems there’s a glitch with team names in KO … Continue reading »

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International Day of Sport for Development & Peace

I just found out that today is the first ever International Day of Sport for Development & Peace – and this video by the IOC pretty much sums up the values of my football-themed cycling trip and also why I’m supporting Laureus Sport For Good Foundation and the WFC Community Sport and Education Trust as my … Continue reading »

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4,000km = halfway!

What I’m ONLY halfway through the #SambaCycle?! But I’ve been so far and seen so much already! Bloomin eck there’s still a long way to go – shows just how vast northern Brazil really is; I’ve got another 500km to Salvador, followed by approximately 3,500km from there to Recife/Natal/Fortaleza/Belem. Here’s me celebrating the 4,000km landmark … Continue reading »

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The town that’s not on the map

I wonder if I’ll ever wild camp during this trip? And if not then why am I carrying camping equipment?! Well it’s nice to have as a back-up in case I can’t find a cheap pousada/hotel to stay in, and I thought that would happen last night. According to Google Maps there are no towns … Continue reading »

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#SambaCycle Reality: lunch

Amongst the (hopefully) interesting updates, cycle touring is mostly a routine of mundane tasks repeated every day. So I want to try to demonstrate that reality with a few videos/pics in the coming days/weeks. First up is lunch…

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Highway to hell?

Imagine if the A49 from Herefordshire to Shropshire was made of sand/dirt because the local governments had never bothered to build a proper road there since the area’s just full of farms? (um, is it full of farms, kinda guessing?!) Well that seems to be the attitude of state decision makers here towards the stretch … Continue reading »

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