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Monthly Archives: February 2014

One month in

It’s one month since I left London for Brazil! And that means it’s now time that my bike’s personality disorder kicks in and so, as per the raffle draw, his name will change from Luis to Dinly for the upcoming month. Thanks for the growing support, and welcome to all the new followers! Can I take … Continue reading »

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Olá Rio!

So much has been going on since I arrived in Rio – beach, city, stadium, interviews, filming, cycling, illness – I’ll try to update this post with more stuff later! First up, I want to share my trip to the legendary Maracana stadium yesterday to see the local derby between Vasco da Gama and Flamengo. … Continue reading »

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Paraty [pronounced Par-a-CHEE]

After the previous day of Brazilian hospitality, on Weds I cycled 96km to reach pretty Paraty. I checked into the Lonely Planet recommended hostel and went for a stroll around town to see the historic sights: Later on I ate a big Italian pizza and got a good night’s sleep in the dorm room that … Continue reading »

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Coasting along – part II

Maybe you know of some amazing coastal roads, such as the Great Ocean Road in Oz, or Big Sur in California? Well add Rodovia Rio-Santos to that list! Some evidence of why… And that’s not even mentioning Paraty, I’ll post about that place later…

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Short cycle, best day?

Do you agree with the phrase “beware the kindness of strangers”? I don’t, especially after yesterday. Rewind to Porto Alegre at the start of my time in Brazil and during a media interview I found myself saying that during my cycle adventure I’d often need to depend on the kindness of strangers, and I felt … Continue reading »

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Pele’s place by the sea

Another photo-heavy update, but I think Santos is worthy of it… After travelling down the crazy/beautiful highway from Sao Paulo I arrived in Santos later than planned on Friday evening and so went straight to the bar where my latest Couchsurfing hosts were playing live samba music: Talented guys! Caio and Daniel Simonian are brothers who … Continue reading »

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Jose’s Sampa cycle and footy tour

I’ve been staying with another fantastic Couchsurfing host Luiz but while he’s been at work I’ve spent most of my two days in Sampa (aka Sao Paulo) cycling around with José Renato Bergo, a very cool local guy with “fifteen years of experience in directing, producing and coordinating audiovisual media projects”, and currently that means … Continue reading »

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Olà São Paulo

During another two days of (uphill) cycling and I’ve gone from this: To this: I’m in São Paulo for two days and again have various meetings lined up plus of course a visit to the WC stadium – the Arena de São Paulo – which is another that’s been in the news so I won’t be able to go … Continue reading »

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Who would kip in an empty house like this?

This is the empty house in question, a pretty classy joint eh: And the who was obviously me! Plus fellow touring cyclists Eduardo and Gabriel who I met at the nearby service station which the house overlooks: I thought there’d be nothing much to report for the next few days after I hit the road … Continue reading »

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“Innovative urban solutions”

If you have stereotypes of Brazil in your mind then disregard them and click on this link about the superb city of Curitiba. It’s a pretty remarkable place, and reminds me in some ways of Melbourne mixed with bits of London and Lisbon. Yesterday I was busy checking out some interesting places here. In the … Continue reading »

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