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2,000 miles samba cycled

Posted by on 27/03/2014

Today my odometer ticked past the 3,218km mark which means that I’ve now samba cycled over 2,000 miles! And despite my attempts to go metric, this reminds me how British I am because 2,000 miles is a HUGE distance and therefore seems WAY further than 3,218km, even though I know they’re the same.

The wifi’s not great at this hotel so I’ll update you with pics/vids of today’s marvellous scenery in a couple of days time, but for now I’ll leave you with this photo – I’ve seen these ‘touring cyclist pedalling off into the distance’ type of pictures on lots of other blogs so thought it was about time I made the effort to stop in a pretty place, prop my tablet up and set the camera timer to take one of my own…



Thanks for all the support, here’s to the next 2,000 miles!

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