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World Cup 2014 – done

Posted by on 14/07/2014

Congratulations to Germany for winning their 4th World Cup – worthy champions and sealed with a superb goal!

So that’s that, crikey, it’s over. What a month of footy and good times. I knew Brazil would put on a great tournament, and the UK press scare stories in the build-up now look as ludicrous as they actually were. I’ve seen many tweets from journos and pundits in the last few days saying this has been the best World Cup ever, and it certainly has been for me!

On a related note, I’m amazed that Brazilian media giant Globo have continued to give superb coverage to the #SambaCycle, and this week they published another online article and invited me to be a guest on popular daytime TV show Encontro – check out my interview here. Thanks Globo for all your support in sharing my story over the last 6 months!

With Fatima

With host Fatima after the show

Footy fans with Juninho (the other one)

Footy fans with Juninho (the other one)

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that for the last 2 weeks I’ve been staying in a convent/charity project/conference centre with a bunch of other English people. It’s in Santa Teresa which is halfway up the mountain to Christ the Redeemer, and so has stunning views across Rio from the roof. I would post some photos as evidence but yesterday morning I climbed onto the highest part of the roof to take a panoramic photo and managed to finally fully smash the screen of my tablet! So now it’s totally unusable, and I can’t seem to upload photos onto here from my phone. So I’ll add a final update or two – including more about the amazing priviledge of watching the final on Copacabana beach yesterday – when I’m back in London next week.

Yep that’s right, my 6 months in Brazil is very nearly over and I fly home on Friday. Then it’s back to reality… well not quite cos the first thing I’m doing is hitting Latitude Festival on Sat, woohoo, and then on 1-3 Aug I’m cycling London to Amsterdam with the WFC CSE Trust, and in late Aug I’ll become a Mountain Goat once again as we take on the legendary Mont Ventoux in France! As I’ve said too often in videos, bring it on.

PS. Today my mate Denners is embarking on an incredible journey, first cycling to Spain but then going from the bottom of South America all the way north to Alaska!!! Please follow his epic adventure at (he’s a much better writer and photographer than me so be prepared for inspiration) – all the best mate!

6 Responses to World Cup 2014 – done

  1. David Brew

    Yeah… time to leave. My kids heve got bored with my occasional “you know that crazy english cyclist…” stories when I recount where you’ve got to and what you’ve been doing. Massive trip Andy and I was delighted to have met you back at the beginning, 6 months ago.

    Success for your future with an abraço.

  2. Iain

    Very kind of you to say that Andy, cheers mate. I doff my cap to you as I now understand how much difference pedalling a fully loaded bike makes. To do the distance you did in the time you did whilst raising over £5k for charity, Chapeau. I am going at a MUCH slower pace!
    Shame we won’t get to catch up over a beer anytime soon, will have to wait till I’ve earned my spurs!

  3. Roger Smith

    We will be pleased to have Andy safely back home in the UK, but strangely rather sad that the great adventure is over. We’ve lived through trepidation, joy, worry, excitement, and massive pride – it’s been a helter-skelter ride for us too. We had a fabulous two weeks in Brazil when we caught up with Andy in Recife and Natal, and had the chance to spend some time in Rio too. We met lots of lovely people and we send our heartfelt thanks to all those who helped Andy in so many ways – you know who you are.

    Now back to reality Andy but we’re sure you’re a better, more fulfilled person, after the Samba Cycle – a magnificent achievement.

    Love Dad and Mum

  4. Smudger

    Massive thanks guys for your great support!

  5. meggan feek

    Well done Andy and thanks for all the wonderful photo’s and updates along the way. It will be good to have you home again, pleased Martin was able to share some of it with you too. I shall miss your stories etc hope all your future bike adventures go well. Love to all the family x Meggan

  6. Rita

    Hi Andy!! Congrats for your cycling in Brazil.
    I am brazilian but I am living in London now (since Jun/13). I´d like know about your experience in Brazil. Could you tell me it?
    I love cycling but I am not doing this in the moment. Maybe you can encourage me back cycling. I´d like to cycling in England (Cotwords), but I don´t have plans for the moment.

    Have very nice cycling trips.

    p.s. I am sorry for my bad english.

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