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Where Am I?

Track my progress here via my SPOT GPS shared page:

And also, here’s my Strava info, which I’ll try to upload as I go along:

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18 Responses to Where Am I?

  1. Marccelo Seares

    You´re going fast!

    • Cesar

      You must visit the VULP bar, its a well know bicycle café in Porto Alegre!

  2. Celia Smith

    We’re watching your progress. It’s fascinating. Hope you’re journey today has gone to plan! x

  3. David Brew

    Looking at this today (wednesday 22nd.) it appears to have stopped. Your last location shown was well before you reached the hotel yesterday (which we know you stayed at) and today it’s nearly 10am here and no sign of movement.

  4. Acácio

    Vai que você consegue caro Smith!
    Will you get expensive Smith!

  5. Smudger

    The SPOT only sends a tracking signal every 30 mins so sometimes may not keep entirely up to date with my route if I switch it off when I arrive at my destination. And yesterday I didn’t set off until 11am!

  6. Smudger

    Hmm, seems to be some tracking failures today. I can assure you that I’m in Registro but the SPOT can’t seem to register that!

  7. Reinaldo Figueiredo

    Hi, Andy!

    I’m a cyclist from Belo Horizonte. Welcome to our city. If you need something, let me know, ok?

    • Smudger

      Thanks Reinaldo, sorry I missed you, I had a very busy time in BH – looking forward to coming back for England v Costa Rica in June!

  8. Thiago

    Quando você pretende vim para Brasília?

  9. Cássio Ghidella

    Hello Andy Smith:

    My name is Cássio Ghidella. I also like adventures and biking. I live in Rondonópolis MT. I believe by your script map you should come here when you’re on the way to Cuiabá MT. Rondonópolis MT is 220 km before Cuiabá MT. If you actually go through here, I’m available.

    Avenida Presidente João Goulart 1320, Villa Aurora – Rondonópolis MT.
    Avenida Dom Wunibaldo 789 – my private office (I’m a doctor).

    Telephone: (66) 34232922
                        (66) 99945042

    I speak something in English, it will be possible some communication.

  10. Cássio Ghidella

    Hello Andy Smith:

    I looked in more detail your script. Unfortunately you don’t come by Rondonópolis MT. Your path will be by Primavera do Leste MT. It really is a safer path with less traffic. But if you change your mind and decide to make a detour to Rondonópolis MT, will be very welcome.

  11. Antonio

    Boa sorte rapaz, você é muito corajoso em viajar pelo brasil de bicicleta e sem uma arma de fogo. Espero que tenha sorte e chegue vivo em Manaus. O que você vai encontrar pelo caminho será muito bandidos, aqui no brasil 80 pessoas morrem assassinadas diariamente. Trocar um país de primeiro mundo por esa selva é gostar de correr riscos. Boa viagem!

  12. Richard Siwaletti

    Hi Andy,

    My sister works at Unilver in Holland and from Girid Oberleitner I heard about your amazing bicycle trip. One word, Respect!
    I am living in Fortaleza and read that you arrive here in about 2 weeks. If you need anything or any help to get around please let me know. Safe travels!


  13. GuilhermeWalladares

    Cara,da mesma forma que o Brasil é este pais tão lindo e exuberante essa contradição de culturas,essa amiscenação de raças,ir na Inglaterra você vê todo aquele povo muito igual:muitos brancos,olhos azuis,tudo muito igual,isso realmente te chocou ao chegar no meu país???

    • Smudger

      Nada sobre o Brasil tem me chocado, mas eu aprendi muito, porque este país é novo para mim.

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