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The MG-129 to Ouro Preto

Posted by on 23/02/2014

What a stunning road! A tough but rewarding ride, with some steep climbs and headwinds, made more than bearable by the beautiful landscapes all around and some cracking descents. Every Brazilian cyclist needs to take on this road.

Nice church in Ouro Branco, but what's that looming behind it...

Nice church in Ouro Branco, but what’s that looming behind it…

...a huge bump that I've gotta cycle over!

…a huge bump that I’ve gotta cycle over!

First peak of today's ride conquered

First peak of today’s ride conquered

Second peak ditto

Second peak ditto

And here's picturesque Ouro Preto

And here’s picturesque Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto‘s a university town and I arrived bang on 4pm at the República dos Deuses fraternity where I’m staying with Dualan, aka Andle (all students here are known by a nickname), and his mates – the first question one of them asked me as I arrived: “You like beer?”! So I had a quick shower and we all went out to a string of graduation parties at other frat houses across town, and drank a lot of beer! Great fun, and I needed that, my first piss-up in Brazil, about time!!!

No cycling today, I’ll head into Belo Horizonte tomorrow, so need to shrug off this hangover and go outside to explore this amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site – photos to follow…

What a stunning city! I think Ouro Preto has to be the most beautiful urban place I’ve ever seen, everywhere you look there’s picturesque streets and churches (the inside of Pilar is incredible) all backed by mountain landscape. The students have got it good here, especially as their fraternity buildings have party areas within them!















6 Responses to The MG-129 to Ouro Preto

  1. Marina

    Hi Andy! I`m Marina from Porto Alegre, I`m so glad you liked Ouro Preto I have an emotional connection with the city, and I love to read reviews like yours. Hope my brother and all the pack had good take care of you… I`m so glad you met Daniela, so nice of her! Good lucky with your journey, and any other help just ask us!

  2. Smudger

    Thanks so much for all your help Marina! I love this city, and the Dos Deuses boys are great. Now onto BH…

  3. Kico Zaninetti

    Hey Andy! I’m happy that you choose (and enjoyed) the way from Conselheiro Lafaiete to Ouro Preto. It was one of my favourites routes in Brazil also!

    Keep going man! Hope everything runs well!

  4. Daniela

    I thought I would find that sunset picture here, Andy.

  5. Frank McMorrow

    Hi Andy
    I have been following your journey and you have see a lot so far of Brazil. I am living in São Paulo and working at the British School of SAo PAulo as director of sport. Many of my English colleagues are into cycling and we have made many trips in to the local mountains but nothing as big as your trip. If you are going to return to SP and would like to give a brief talk to the students about your amazing trip and also the fundraising you are doing you would be most welcome. I expect you have a busy schedule already but it would be great to see you if possible.

    Have a great time as I see you already are

    Best wishes

    Frank MCMorrow

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