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Tablet broken so blog over?

Posted by on 18/05/2014

There’s a crack across the screen of my tablet so it’s now very difficult to use. Therefore I can no longer easily take photos or update my blog properly. I’ll try to add the odd post but otherwise, thanks for reading and wish us luck for the next few weeks…

PS. if the charity donations should suddenly pick up then I’ll be much more motivated to go through the pain of blogging. Just saying.

4 Responses to Tablet broken so blog over?

  1. David Brew

    Rumour has it, and of course NOONE believes it, that this is a scheme to cover motorised progress!! Now if your brother has a camera and virtually anywhere has internet access…. well, you catch my drift… 😉

    Good luck regrdless.

  2. Gregor

    That’s annoying but not such a big challenge as you’ll be finding LAN-Houses (internet cafés) in nearly every small town. Otherwise lots of Brazilians and nearly all pousadas have a private PC and internet access. In a bigger town you may find someone to repair your tablet. Brazilians can be very creative in solving problems! Good luck!

  3. Smudger

    Clearly my blog has made this journey seem like a jolly up. Actually it’s hard work and I’m exhausted.

    Blogging takes hours when done direct from my tablet, let alone finding an internet cafe (I’ve seen very few computers at pousadas) to download photos from Martin’s camera and then upload them to WordPress then insert them into a blog post which also needs typing/editing. After cycling 5-8 hours every day in 35-40 degree heat/tropical rain I need to shower/eat/rest/plan the next day and maybe squeeze in a little sightseeing if I’m lucky before sunset at 5.30pm.

    The blog was intended as a tool to build interest in the SambaCycle and therefore generate charity donations, so I’ve worked damn hard to update this site as often as I can over the last 6 months, along with FB and Twitter posts, and chasing press coverage both here and back home. But the donations all but dried up months ago (although of course massive thanks to everyone who’s been kind enough to donate!) so I have to wonder why am I bothering? Yes, to tell the story of this journey to all those people who’ve donated so far, but surely they appreciate I need to focus on getting to Belem in time for the boat to Manaus, and not on traipsing around small towns in the dark searching for LAN Houses when I should be resting, right?

    As you can tell, I’m feeling frustrated. This has taken half an hour to type on my broken tablet (so yes, I have worked out a way to use it but it’s painfully slow).

  4. Gregor

    You’re right. One can really loose a lot of time in Brazil by using public facilities…I made this experience also during my travels – and I had enough time!! Seems you need a public relations manager…Until then just put priority on your twitter account. Foto galleries on Facebook or on your blog are nice, but not indispensable. Videos are even worse! For twitter an Internet access via Smartphone (I guess you have one) usually is sufficient (at least until the WC begins…) and not expensive. Last year I payed 50 Cent for 24 hours with a chip from TIM.

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