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All of my Blog Posts can be found HERE – thanks for reading!

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19 Responses to BLOG POSTS

  1. Martyn Maynard

    Hi Andy – Its good to see you’re making progress:) I’ve just emailed a colleague of mine who runs a Football Interpreting Business! He’ll almost certainly be in Brazil when the World Cup’s on and might be able to help. I’ll keep you posted mate.



  2. Sephorah Dar

    Hi Andy,

    Lovely progress and I wish you all the best.

    Sephorah Dar
    Sharjah English School grade1-O

  3. Reece

    Great work we watching your progress keep the good work up.

  4. Bella Ashill

    Hi Andy!

    Today in assembly we were learning about you! but your website would not load! INTERNET!!
    Great Progress so far! Good Luck!

    Bella Ashill
    Sharjah English School Year 6

  5. Aseel Elshazali

    Hi Andy,
    Keep up the great work! Good luck!

    Aseel Elshazali
    Sharjah English School Year 5

  6. JImmy R

    Sorry if I’m duplicating this-congrats on month 1-we’re following your progress with great interest!!


  7. Mencio Mafra Toledo

    After visiting Brazil, you could rename the site, because samba is not the folk dance in Brazil. We are much more richer than that! thank you!

    • Smudger

      Hi Mencio, thanks for the feedback. My use of the word samba is a simple tool to explain to non-Brazilians where my adventure is taking place, since many people associate samba with Brazil, so along with my use of alliteration it’s a communication or marketing technique to create a memorable name. If my own name began with a ‘b’, like Bob for example, then maybe I’d have gone for Bob’s Brazil Bikeride?! Which folk dance do you refer to?

  8. Juliana

    Good luck on your journey!
    Cheers from Sao Paulo!

  9. Dirk

    Hello there M8 !
    Hope youre having fun! Stumbled across your adventures in a local web story. If you havent passed through Rio yet dop me a line before you do.
    best of luck and for heavens sack be carefull of the traffic 🙂

  10. joe

    Hi Andy, very random question that might just be a very simple no, but are you the chap who played for Barnes FC, red and black stripes, in the Sunday League Barnesalona?
    Just that your photos look v familiar! I’m coming to Brazil to this summer, will keep track of your progress, hats off.
    Cheers, Joe

    • Smudger

      Hi Joe, not so random cos yes that’s me! Which Barnesalona team do you play for? When/where wiil you be over here?

      • joe

        Wow marvilhoso! Superb challenge you’re doing, great idea. I’ll spend abit more time on the website in a moment…

        I’m coming to Rio approx. 20th May, hoping to get onto the architectural / design work for the Olympics for 2016. Bit of a change of scenery! But hoping to settle there for a year or two. Good time to be there for the WCup.

        I was with Madras a few years, probably remembered as the chap who got in a few scuffles with your central midfielder! I think his name was Westfield? Anyway, all good times. Perhaps catch up with you for some of the games, i’ll just look at your route / itinerary.

  11. joe

    Andy, I’m confirmed to be in Rio from 21st May, staying in Rio/Brazil until at least August, and will be taking in much of the world cup as possible.
    Been following your location updates, looks like an incredible journey very well done.
    Beers on me if you find yourself back in Rio.
    Cheers, Joe

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