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Obrigado por visitar o meu blog! / Thanks for visiting my blog!

Estou pedalando 8,000km em todo o Brasil para a caridade! / I’m cycling 5,000 miles across Brazil for charity!

UPDATE: I completed my challenge during Jan-Jun 2014 and returned to London in late July after an incredible 6 months in Brazil!  But please explore this website to learn more about my epic journey and the two charities that I was supporting. (You can go back to the very beginning of the story here)

Para os meus amigos Brasileiros, pena que este site é apenas em Inglês, mas por favor, use o Google Translate para ajudar você a entender, ou apenas olhar em volta e apreciar as fotos!

All the latest news about my #SambaCycle is here, please spread the word!

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BLOG POSTS / Mensagens de blog

Who Am I? / Quem sou eu?

This Is The Plan… / Este é o plano

Where Am I? / Onde eu estou?

Charities – Please Donate / Caridades – por favor doe

Q&A / Pergunta e resposta

Me / Andy / Smudger

Me / Andy / Smudger (in Sri Lanka – 2012)

NB. My Brazil trip is self-funded so all donations go directly to the charities (please click on the Charities link above for more info on both Laureus and WFC CSE Trust).

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81 Responses to Bem-vindas/Welcome

  1. Christine Armstrog

    Looking forward to reading about your trip! Hopefully I’ll pick up some hints on bike touring in South America.

  2. Alastair Humphreys

    Good luck!

  3. Samantha Latham

    Good Luck Andy ! You can do this with all your hard trainning !
    Keep safe

  4. Martyn Maynard

    Bon Dia!

    Good luck with your epic journey mate. A number of my work colleagues have showed an interest in making donations, so let’s hope they can help you raise a few quid for a worthy cause. Will you be starting and finishing in Rio?

  5. Smudger Jnr

    Good luck Andy. See you in Fortaleza in May!

  6. Marccelo Seares

    See you in Porto Alegre soon!

  7. Jim and Christine

    Best of luck Andy. We look forward to tracking your progress-keep in touch!

  8. Martyn Maynard

    Hi Andy – Have you you been “Papped” by the local press in Port Allegre yet?
    I’ve just emailed friends in Brazilia and Angra Dos Reis about your exploits, so hopefully the word will spread quickly across the country (That’s if it already hasn’t!). Keep up the good work – It looks like you’re well on the way to becoming a legend!

  9. Diogo

    Boa sorte Andy!
    A torcida colorada está contigo!

  10. Alex Holt

    Nice one Andy! Sorry didn’t get a chance to see you before you left. Have a great time out in Brazil, looking forward to tracking your progress. All the best mate

  11. Sophia

    Hellow and good luck in your trip from Sophia and all students in Sharjah English School

    • Smudger

      Hi Sophia, and all the students, thanks for your message, I’m glad you’re all following my journey!

  12. Nan McKeown

    Everyone at Sharjah English School wishes you every success on your epic cycle trip. The children learned about your planned journey at assembly on Thursday and will be following your blog with great interest. Good luck and stay safe!

    From Nan McKeown ( Head of Primary) and all the staff and pupils!

  13. Rishika

    Hi Andy,

    In Sharjah English School, we watched some videos on your blog in assembly.The videos were really short but everyone was interested in what you said.My favourite clip was when you were out in the rain.
    All I want you to wish is good luck, stay safe and keep going.


  14. gabby

    good luck on your cycle i hope you have a nice time on your cycle.

  15. Ali Family

    Hey, smuger. good luck on your trip and this is coming from a family with 4 girls and a mom and a dad.

  16. Kenya

    Hi Andy,

    I hope you are doing well on your trip. Sharjah English School is supporting you.
    I wish you lots of luck.

    Kind regards,

  17. Imani

    Dear Andy,

    I wish you good luck on your trip.
    Have fun ! Sharjah English School is counting on you 🙂


  18. munira

    Dear andy Smith,
    how are you and where are you right now.
    When you see my message can you please send me a message too.

  19. armaan

    hi smudger i am from sharjah english school and i wish you a very safe journey

  20. armaan

    good luck

  21. munira

    Dear Andy,
    Can I know where you are please.

    From Munira

  22. munira

    Dear Andy,
    Good luck.

    From Munira

  23. munira

    Dear Andy Smith,
    I am always going to message you.
    Is that ok.

  24. Max

    Good luck

  25. Max

    I’m always going to email you
    And Sharjah English school is wishing you good

  26. Maximus

    Can you post sme new funny videos

  27. Maximus

    Good luck Andy smith

  28. armaan

    will you ever come to the UAE

  29. armaan

    if you do please come to sharjah english school
    anyways you can see MR.SMITHARD

  30. armaan

    how do we watch videos?

  31. Cathy

    Hi Andy just met your mum and dad on holiday, lovely couple, well done on your travels x

  32. Daniela

    Hello, Andy, I am in love with your journey. If you still need a place to stay in Conselheiro Lafaiete (100 km from Belo Horizonte), let me know. You can be my guest at my house.
    Have a good trip!

  33. Martyn Maynard

    Hello Mate I’ve got a bit behind with your journey, mainly due to my obsession with The Winter Olympics in Sochi, so I’ll have a big catch up later on today:) I’ll be swimming 5K as part of The Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games at Watford Central Baths on Saturday 22nd March, and I’ve also registered for The Brownsea Island Swim in July, so hopefully I’ll be able to get a place – Should know by the end of the week. I’ll contact my friend Bianca in Angra Dos Reis later on and get her to spread the word about your epic journey! Tour de France in 2015?

  34. Martyn Maynard

    Hello Mate – Will there be a podcast of your Talk Sport interview available? Big Boss Man is in today so annoyingly I can’t listen to it. I’ll try and contact my friend Bianca in Angra Dos Reis later on to see if she’s spread the word about your epic journey yet.

  35. Sephorah Dar

    Hi Andy,

    Hope u r doing well and sucessing.
    What’s your location now?
    Am cheering for you:)
    Sharjah English School-grade 1O

  36. Alessandro

    Hello Needing to stay when you arrive in Natal – Rio Grande do Norte – Brazil, can offer stay in my apartment. It’s small, 2 bedrooms, but would be welcomed! Good luck and one day I intend to do the same as you, but in Tour de France!

  37. Fabio

    The correct in portuguese is:
    “Estou PEDALANDO 8.851km em todo o Brasil para a caridade!”

    • Smudger

      Thanks Fabio, I was wondering how long it would take for someone to tell me that, I’ve changed it now!

  38. Mário Colares

    Amazon waiting for you toAmazon waiting for you to meet our natural wonders.
    Good luck and good riddance. meet our natural wonders

  39. Adriano

    Dear friend, congratulations on the trip! Welcome to Brasil and Bahia (Salvador and Vitória da Conquista). If you need informations about Bahia I can help you (but live on south of Bahia).

    Good luck,


  40. Edson Nepomudeno

    Ola amigo, muito boa sorte nessa viagem, te aguardo aqui em manaus, será muito bem recebido aqui, não só você, mas todos os ingleses que vierem visitar manaus, estarei na Arena da Amazonia tordendo pela Inglaterra, minha casa está de portas abertas a vocÊs

  41. Damísio Mangueira

    Olá amigo… Boa sorte na sua aventura. se for passar pelo sertão da paraíba, traga água.

  42. Ari

    Parabéns e boa sorte nessa aventura muito louca, não dá para entender alguem a ter tanta coragem de partir para um feito eu acho até anormal do ser humano… Deus te guie por essa aventura.

  43. robinson

    Good luck, welcome to Brazil, I mean enjoying football “soccer” so that hitting Quaker House is welcome hug ah Brazil vs England at the end that such laughter

    boa sorte,seja bem vinda ao brazil,quero dizer gostando de futebol “soccer” so bater em quaquer casa que seja bem vindo abraço ah brazil vs inglaterra na final que tal risos

  44. Martyn Maynard

    Hello Mate, glad to see things are still going well for you:)

    I’ll do you a deal, I’ll sponsor you for your “Epic Journey” if you’ll sponsor me for The Brownsea Island Swim in July – I managed to secure a place last week and need to get in serious training mode for this one soon.



  45. Belinda at Explorers Connect

    Enjoying your updates. Tell us more!
    And good luck with the next half

  46. Kirk Hay

    What an inspiration, Andy! Both the physical challenge and the reasons driving you forward are truly admirable.. Ride on!

  47. David Brew

    Just so that you don’t forget where you started from, here in Porto Alegre the Beira Rio stadium was officially inaugurated this weekend, a two day affair with fireworks and a show on the saturday followed by more fireworks and a game against Penharol on the sunday. There seemed to be a small wedge of artificial turf missing – the only thing which marred the event !!! 😉

  48. leonardo noronha


  49. Kleber Freire

    That’s what you must do when you fall on the streets of Recife

  50. Manesh K


    One word…….


    All the best !


  51. Carla Horowitz

    you are amazing.Brasil is vibrating with your journey.Good Luck after all this effort is time for fun

  52. ioly

    Muito bom conhecer você.. 🙂
    boa sorte


    Hello friend
    I saw your article and found it very cool, his attitude live in Fortaleza, welcome, that God protect you and good luck. I am Brazilian with great pride and much love. Congratulations.

  54. Rayza Arantes

    Hello honey i’m Rayza i live in Brazil do u have facebook for we following u ?
    Kisses Good Look :*

  55. Wandyeux Silva

    Hi Andy, my name is Wandyeux, and I live in Natal, one of the hosts cities.
    I’m a cycler too, just for fun, not for competitions. Unfortunately in my city, doesn’t exists enough bicycle path and we have to ride next the cars. But with care and responsability, everything is alright. Be welcome to our city!

    Best regards

  56. Nayara

    Uau, muita coragem sua vir para um país estranho, não conhecer a língua e fazer esse grande tour! Espero que dê tudo certo e desejo boa sorte nessa jornada, força, fé, determinação e claro aproveite muito! Abraços!
    Wow, You’re very brave to come in a strange country, don’t knowing the language and still doing this big tour! I hope that everything goes well and wish you good luck on this journey, strength, faith, determination and of course enjoy a lot! Hugs from Mato Grosso do Sul – Brasil!!

  57. James Gillespie

    Hi Andy
    If only I had come across your journey a bit earlier, now just 2 days left to enjoy. Amazing achievement assuming you don’t have too many Caiprinha’s tonight or get hit with an Acai fruit along the roads. Even being a die hard Luton fan I can leave the grudges aside to donate to your causes. I seriously hope your fund doesn’t unearth too much talent down at VR though 😉

    I will be in Fortaleza for 10 days, from 15th be great to buy you a beer if you are still around the North East. Best of luck and enjoy the last few 100km’s.

    • Smudger

      Thanks so much James, I really appreciate that!

      Who are you watching in Fortaleza? I’ll be back there if England reach the quarter finals, could be v Brazil!

  58. samara

    is welcome! The Manaus, MY CITY

  59. Arnailson Silva

    First I would say that it is not enough just climb on top of a bike and pedaling off by Brazil, before more have to calculate and plan lots of luck and have enough courage to do it all. I’m Manus and his younger fam, maybe one day I will make a trip over those not on a bike, more on top of the bike. Hugs and cheers.

  60. Iko Congo

    Good job! 🙂
    I read you were interested in working for a social enterprise.
    Thought you might be interested about ebbf ‘a global learning community of mindful people with a common passion:
    exploring how to contribute to a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilization, through their daily work.’

    ebbf aims to accompany individuals by connecting people with new ideas, tools and individuals spread around the world who are exploring and learning through action, different ways to use our workplaces to live our passion 🙂

  61. Fabiana

    Hi Andy! I’m from Rio de Janeiro. I’m happy with your trip. God bless you! Kisses! 🙂

  62. Klinger loiola

    Muito legal a sua viagem e obrigado pelas palavras sobre Belo Horizonte! Sou torcedor do Cruzeiro e estive no jogo da libertadores. Mostre alguma foto pra gente da sua vinda pra ver o cruzeiro!
    Grande abraço!

  63. Martyn Maynard

    Hello Mate – Long time no email. Congratulations again on your achievement, I’ll sort you out some sponsor money as soon as possible. On a “Related” note, I’ll be attempting to swim the 7.2 Kilometres around Brownsea Island THIS Sunday morning. If you or any of your friends would like to sponsor me, please click on the link below:

    Enjoy the final on Sunday evening – I’m guessing you may have “Found” a ticket by now:)



  64. Sadiya

    Hi Andy Smith,

    I’m a journalist working with Perform Group, the world’s leading sports news agency, and I’d very much like to film a short interview with you once you arrive in Kaliningrad this week.I’m due to travel there in less impressive style on Wednesday so perhaps we might set something up for your arrival?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  65. asymmetric


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